Tuesday, 11 December 2012


ADN: What’s the origin of the group?

PIERRE: In 1974 I invited some musicians to play in a festival of folk music. After that experience I formed a group with 4 musicians ( Jeannot Gilles- violin; Jean Paul Laurent-piano a guitarist and myself). We continued to work together playing tunes of Walloon folk. But progressively we decided to compose directly our music. First result of this decision was COULONNEUX (it’s the name of the group during that period). After this LP the group abandoned completely folk music and changed it’s name to Julverne. Some new musicians joined us and at the moment we are 9 when we are playing on scene. That’s why our second LP is called A NEUF.

ADN: Are you influenced by classical music?

PIERRE: We consider our music as a classical issue but with humour and influences coming from jazz or progressive music ( Univers Zero….)

ADN: Do the musicians involved in Julverne have other musical activities?

PIERRE: Yes, they all have parallel activities, playing in other groups, teaching music, working as sound engineers ……..

ADN: What about the musical situation in Belgium?

PIERRE: Musical situation in Belgium is very difficult for marginal music but not for jazz or classical music.

ADN: Do you often play live?

PIERRE: We don’t play live very often and normally only during school holidays.

ADN: Do you have contacts with other musicians?

PIERRE: Yes mainly with jazz musicians, with Univers Zero and sometimes with classical musicians.

ADN: What about your public?

PIERRE: Our public is composed buy people who like classical music and jazz and also people who bought A NEUF.

ADN: What about your future projects?

PIERRE: We are preparing a record of dance music from the beginning of our century (it will be called JULVERNE EN VACANCE) containing also some tunes of Nino Rota and some songs. We are going to record it this winter. We are also planning another LP on the same line of A NEUF
(spring/summer 83).


ADN: Does Julverne have a stable line-up?

PIERRE: Yes the line-up is stable but sometimes we have musicians changes. The basic nucleus
which never changes is composed by Jeannot Gillis, J.P. Laurent and  Pierre Coulon.

ADN: What kind of training have the musicians playing in the group?

PIERRE: They all have classical training except Charlie Loos who comes from jazz.

ADN: How many concerts you play every year?

PIERRE: Around 20.


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