Tuesday, 27 June 2017

OSVALDO SCHWARTZ in concert at Ligera Milano

Osvaldo Schwartz
Osvaldo: Electronics,Self Built Instruments

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

ROBERTO ZANISI in concert at Auditorium Demetrio Stratos

Roberto Zanisi
Auditorium Demetrio Stratos
Roberto Zanisi: All instruments,voice

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Thursday, 8 June 2017


Your name  Ottone Pesante  (Heavy Brass) remembers something strong like a punch in the stomach, is it what you thought about?

The name means what we really do: “heavy metal” played with brass instruments and gives an idea of the sound. This meets also very well  the definition you gave in your question !!

As I already told you i think your music has a greater impact when you play live didn’t you think about publishing a live concert?

No I think it’s too early we just started.

How did  Ottone Pesante start and which are the experiences of the musicians involved?

Ottone Pesante was born in 2015 officially the  1st  November 2015 as our first EP was published.
We all had many different experiences I give you some names of groups in a random order:
Junkfood, Calibro 35, Komara, Meteor, Mr.Gangster, Esecutori di Metallo su Carta, Nero Capra.

You often play live how are you able to organize so many dates are you doing all by yourself or do you have an external help?

At the moment we are doing it without any help as a necessity ( we didn’t find anyone doing it) but also because speaking with other musicians we understood that if you want something done it’s better you do it by yourself.

Which are  Italian and World musicians you feel related from a musical point of view?

Well I would tell: Opeth, Katatonia, Meshuggah, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Dissection.
Concerning a certain way to make extreme music with brass instruments: ZU and Jerseyband.

You took part to some projects of  Enrico Gabrielli your relationship depends on geographical proximity, common musical interests or we can speak of real elective affinity?

We don’t live nearby we share some philosophies and we work well together  since long so I believe we can speak about elective affinity

You define your music as hard brass rock  do you consider your approach similar, obviously with different premises ,to the one of Apocalyptica (Finnish band) who started to play hard rock with cellos?

We prefer Heavy Brass Metal, l'Hard Rock is not always the point...
Surely we share something with Apocalyptica. But we didn’t start from covers and our approach is more extreme.

I think improvisation doesn’t have any role in your live sets or am I wrong?

You are not.
Improvisation has a very marginal role near to zero.

How do you compose your pieces?

I write all the pieces starting from the parts for trumpet and trombone with some general indications for drums. Then in the practice room we shape and improve the piece. It’s an old but quite fast process.

Touring around Italy did you find some situations where you musical impact fully reached the goal?
Did you also play abroad?

We mostly reached the goal. And the extraordinary thing is that this happened  during Metal Festivals, Buskers Festivals, Jazz Festivals and in alternative and pop clubs. Our music is quite across the board !
We had some dates in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and we will be around Europe on our next tour. We will see!

Does your drummer beyond sustaining the rhythmics,  quite an effort, feel like a soloist ?

I don’t think so, even he is the only one having a larger amount of freedom. I will ask him... (ahah)

Do you have many projects at the moment?

Off course , first of all the record coming out soon.
There are  many paths to be undertaken with our music and we will try to do it at our best.

What do you think of Italian alternative music scene of the moment, and do you think to be part of it?

We are in it at 100% and we think that there are many interesting groups which are also successful abroad. Touring around Italy we came in contact we many realities and I don’t speak only about bands but also festivals, associations, organizers, clubs and so on.  So we feel quite hopeful about the future.

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