Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hartmann Brewery - EdelPils *** of 5

Yesterday I drunk this Franconian beer I bought in Germany and I found it good  and frsh but quite bitter lke a true pilsner.

Edelpils - a true delight to pilsener lovers, with the typical fine aroma of bitter hops. A fresh, well-balanced and satisfying blend of superior aromatic hops, best-quality pilsener malt and crystal-clear water from the brewery's own mountain spring.

You may find it here:


Brauerei-Gasthof Hartmann
Fränkische-Schweiz-Str. 26
96110 Würgau


 The Hartmann family brewery has been licensed to serve alcoholic beverages since 1550. This makes it one of the oldest breweries in Bavaria. Over the centuries to the present day, the traditional brewery pub has always been run with the greatest of care. Best-quality aromatic hops, the Jura's native barley and the crystal-clear water of the brewery's own mountain spring are combined with love and attention to produce beer specialities whose superior quality and rounded harmonious flavour sets them in a class of their own.Beer lovers and connoisseurs have appreciated  Hartman Brewery  for centuries.

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