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Luciano, which is the origin of  Fracture?

Fracture origins from my meeting with Luca Pissavini in 2010 during the auditions to be part of a group called Nichelodeon…Luca became member of the group for a while, I didn't.

Does the name refer to a "fracture"  with something or any reference is purely coincidental ?

In reality the reference was to the title of a track of King Crimson but also your interpretation could be valid.

Is your music totally improvised?

Not totally, normally before the concert I prepare a schedule of about 6 -7 tracks with titles that describe the musical atmosphere we have to generate, in order to diversify….but afterwards obviously everything can happen while we are playing.

Is the track  “Lodi”, on  OOS IT3, è totally  improvised or is it based on a  pre-established structure ?

No it's pure improvisation, I remember that in my schedule i wrote “no indication”…

At the moment you have produced 2 CDr  both on label  “setola di maiale” what can you tell me about your relation with this label?

They produced both our CDr  so we are in their catalog  including a lot of unconventional music , in some cases quite interesting….that's all.

Your first  album is a studio album whilst the second is a live album as the track "Lodi", so is it possible to say that you feel better in a live situation?

We like both situations, certainly in a studio album you can work more on sounds and the situation is more relaxed but playing live is always an unique ad experience.

What about Andrea Quattrini  your first drummer?

He wasn't any more interested in our improvisation project, it was a great regret for us because he is a very good drummer.

All the group member are very busy with other activities how do you find the time to play music together ?

We “phisically” meet only for concerts or for recording, all the rest goes through mails or phone; I and Luca also have other occasions to meet because since I have been knowing him he always helped me from a technical and moral point of view concerning my solo projects.  
Anyhow I'm the only one in the group having a job outside the musical world with more free time , Luca and Ferdinando are professional musicians..

I assisted to many of your concerts in different situations: which is the "live" dimension  you loved more?

Personally I think that our last concert of 2015 at Novara Jazz Festival was the most satisfying from a musical point of view. Unfortunately, as it always happens in these situations, it was not recorded.......

Do the experiences  of  Fracture members  in other groups have an influence on the evolution of your sound ?

I'm influenced by many things, not only music…cinema, books , paintings but also very simple things as everyday's life and its routine have an influence on my music. Also Tappo, my dog, is influencing me a lot!

Is there a group around the world you feel related to?
Probably  Massacre even if they are a lot harsher than us !

What do you think about Milano musical scene you are part of ?

There are many things moving, the problem is dispersion…it would be nice to have also in Milano a place, like in London Cafè Oto, where musical scheduling is dedicated exclusively to non conventional musics  in jazz,rock and even pop.

Which are your future project?

we surely want to play much more live if possible in ad hoc situations.

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