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How is Å going at the moment ? Do you rehearse regularly?

Stefano: The project is still alive but ,at present, in sedimentation. No we don't rehearse regularly.

You told me about a ready-record that has been waiting for 7 years and didn't come out yet. Did you ever think to produce it yourself? Did the tracks change in the mentime? 

Stefano: Having a wonderful graphic and also having a label we never thought to self-produce it. Surely if we had to remake it today it would be different because nowadays we are different.

Andrea: All is ready for release, it should be only published, but times are difficult for labels and bands.

Can you tell me about the musical training and the activities of the 3 musicians involved in the group? The musicians live between Trento and Verona what about the musical scene in that area?

Stefano: I'm a classical musicians, it's my profession, the scene in Trento is at the moment very poor.

Andrea: I and Paolo(who left the group in the meantime) , we are from Verona. Here in the end there's always something moving. Places where to play are always less, so if you do a non conventional music it's always more difficult to be on stage. Since a while I partecipate, as a musician, to different projects like Cisco, Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica a my solo instrumental project Cabeki. Also depending on these projects Å lost a bit of our attention. But in reality we still exist.

After 9 years how do you feel about your first record ? Did you record something new?

Stefano: As I told you we have all the material fitting in second record and the material we left by. Our first record is the result of a moment where energies had reached a very high point but the material contained in the second is probably more interesting and mature.

I saw you in occasion of the concert of Tony Conrad in Milano in 2007. Considering that Faust is one of your preferred groups how great was your pleasure to meet Tony and play with him?

Stefano: You told it! How to not get excited being side by side with a legend?

Andrea: He is a real funny and helpful guy. He was very natural and involved....we really were like a new band. Furthermore we were accompanied by our drummer friend Andrea Belfi who enriched the whole considerably.

Considering that Stefano is classically trained, how do you compose your tracks? From improvisations or directly on paper?

Stefano: they come from a verbal confrontation, from a proposed idea or scenario, listening to each other there's nothing written.

Recently there are many new “psychedelic” groups inspired by krautrock of the seventies do you feel related to them or you think that your musical path is quite different?

Stefano: I think it's quite diffferent, but this doesn't mean that I think it's better.

Andrea: We never thought of playing like Faust or Can, we looked for a creative approach not a matter of style.

In this period of difficulties in concert organisation how is your stage activity working?

Stefano: Personally I only move around playing ancient & classical music. This kind of music is accepted by institutions and society so it grants you public and a certain number of concerts.

Andrea: As I told you it could be worse, it's difficult but I move around, there always is enough interest from concert organizers and listeners.

Are there any musicians around the world or in Italy you're in contact with beyond the excellent Xabier Iriondo who collaborated to your first record?

Andrea: It's easy to know musicians around and many of them are very good and intersting. This is one of the nice things of our work.

Which could be your greatest wish for the future of your group?

Stefano: Surely the release of the record, and consequently the possibility to promote it properly.

What about “Primo” included in our compilation?

Stefano: A perfect noise-pop track (I'm just joking!)

Andrea: It started from an improvisation of me and Stefano then arrenged along the way adding drums played by both of us simultaneously and orchestral loop noises. Very amusing and intense.

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