Thursday, 27 March 2014

New cassettes From Alain Neffe

With a little help of … the BeNe GeSSeRiT and INSANE MUSIC Friends & fans

We are exceptionally contacting you because we need your financial support in order to be able to continue the recording and the production in our home-studio.
You have the opportunity to help us – We have released 2 new cassettes on INSANE MUSIC label:
- INS 56 - C45 - BeNe GeSSeRiT « BeNeFiT » 11 tracks (including 10 unreleased tracks) – orange fluorescent tape & nice packaging – limited edition of 200 copies, hand-numbered.
- INS 57 - C60 – INSANE MUSIC FOR INSANE PEOPLE VOL.26 – 11 unreleased tracks by INSANE groups: Pseudo Code, Human Flesh, M.A.L., Cortex, Subject, Kosmose, Niala Effen, BeNe GeSSeRiT, Chopstick Sisters.
The collected funds will allow us to renew and enhance our studio equipment
If you don’t have a cassette player any more, we offer you, together with the cassette, a copy on CDr!!

C45 – BeNe GeSSeRiT “BeNeFiT” – 12€
C60 – IMFIP Vol. 26 – 12€
Shipping Costs:
Formule A: One cassette (+ 1 free CDr)
1,40€ for Belgium, 3,50€ for Europe & USA, 4,17€ for the Rest of the World
Formule B: 2 cassettes (+ 2 free CDr)
2,80€ for Belgium, 6€ for Europe & USA, 8€ for the Rest of the World

Belgium and Europe, by preference, please pay by European bank transfer (free of bank charge):
Name : Alain NEFFE
IBAN : BE18 3770 4826 0365
Rest of the world, please pay on our « paypal » account:

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